Sales Manager for the Homeless!

Sales Manager for the Homeless

The best way I could give to those who must ask me for spare change is to teach them how to ask. Today as I left the post office a man walked down the sidewalk slowly in front of me coming my way. He was not having his best day. Our eyes met and I quickly broke eye contact because I am nearly penniless and don't have any change to give away and I knew he wanted to ask. He drew closer and I paused as I could feel it coming. it was his opening as soon I would be in the street and into my truck. His mouth slowly opened partway and in my head I'm saying "cmon, don't make me wait for it". I'm already reaching and do have a few quarters prepared to offer up. He edges towards me veering over on the sidewalk towards the road. His mouth opens still wider then closes and he passes. The air goes out of me as I wonder why he waited knowing what he wanted to do for so long.

So, now I'm in the street and have already gotten into the car. He turns and comes back rapping on my window. How pathetic, I think. The idea comes to me in an instant. Sales Training for street beggars. I have to lean over and roll down the window wondering why I am bothering. In a half mad voice he mutters " I don't suppose you would have anything you could give me" He yells. "no, I don't" the only seemingly fitting answer comes out. He jerks away writhing in disgust leaving me feeling like a turd as he walks away. I wondered if anyone would have ever bought a sofa, or a camera, or whatever from me or one of my guys with that approach. "Don't suppose you would want to give me some commission by buying something would ya? The answer would always be no. Now what if he would have timed it right and said this, "Sir, you could make my whole day by sharing a mere .50 cents" or, "Kind Sir, 50 cents is all I need to have a hot meal for tonight, can you help?" Who could refuse? Instead he gave me anxiety, shame, and guilt. He stole any good feeling I may have gained from the giving before I even had the chance.

I may go down in a day or so and start the classes, do you think I could get a commission on the cups of change?

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On Leadership.....

I must say, I have been around long enough to see a trend now.

No one likes the status quo.

Everyone wants change but no one really knows how to get the right change.

Many are hopeful when a new president takes office, generally, those same folks are ready for a change four years in.

It is kind of like getting a raise, most are only happy until they increase their spending and eat it up and then the cycle repeats.

Could it be that the leadership really matters little?

We only want leadership to give us something when we feel there is not enough! And that is most all the time.....

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Antelope Creek

Antelope Creek Covered Bridge

Covered Bridges are very inspirational for me. I was on a trip to do covered bridges in Oregon when I came across Robert Waller's Book "Bridges of Madison County". It was sort of surreal as I was living the character in the book. I love the hope that bridges represent.
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Who cares who is what, Gay or Straight, I don't!


For one, I don't quite get the big deal about straight or gay.

I am straight, a man who loves women. I have a neighbor who is a gay woman, well many. But this is my newest story. She is butch and it is obvious. After around two years of living across the street from each other and sharing niceties occasionally, watching each others homes, gathering mail, etc. She decided the other night in a nice conversation we were having to tell me she was gay. It was really weird, as if I would now scorn her and as if I would not know anyway.

I just don't get it. Who cares. It is none of my business.....

And furthermore.....what straight person is really nave enough to believe they are in the majority?????

What if Hetero is in the minority? What then.

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Ride Em Cowboy!

Bull Riding Basics

The Ride

The total score possible for a bull ride is 100 points. Half of that total is based on the performance of the bull and how difficult he is to ride. Judges look for bulls with speed, power, drop in the front end, kick in the back end, directions changed and body rolls. A body roll occurs when a bull is in the air and kicks either his hind feet or all four feet to the side. The more of these characteristics a bull displays during a ride, the higher the mark is for the bull. Judges are allowed to award a cowboy a re-ride if they feel the bull did not perform at the level of other bulls in the competition and, therefore did not give the rider a fair chance to earn a high score. Only the sport's best bucking bulls are used at the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series events. PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert works with more than 20 stock contractors - the people who own and lease bulls to the PBR - to ensure that the pool of bulls used at each event are the highest caliber possible. Most Built Ford Tough Series events feature an estimated 75 bulls that are supplied by as many as six different PBR stock contractors.
The other half of the ride is determined by the rider's ability to match the moves of the bull beneath him. Judges look for constant control and good body position throughout the ride. Spurring the bull is not required but extra "style points" are awarded for doing so. The rider must stay aboard the bull for eight seconds. The clock begins when the bull's shoulder or hip crosses the plane of the bucking chutes and stops when the bull rider's hand comes out of the rope or he touches the ground. The bull rider must ride with one hand and is disqualified if he touches himself or the bull during the eight-second ride.

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The Covered Bridges ~ Do you know one?

Cutler-Donahoe Bridge

Built in 1870 by Eli Cox, it is 79 feet in length and features a pitched roof. It was originally located over the North River near Bevington. It was moved to its present site in Winterset's City Park in 1970.Cutler-Donahoe was renovated in 1997 for $35,538.

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Celebrating Sisters

Celebrating Sisters

This is for my Sister, he name is Carrie. She is the sister of sisters, a woman amoung women. If your lucky, you may know what I mean. Her birthday was the other day, of course I did not get her package out until today. I still have work to do as a brother, I know she will forgive me.

You see, more than just being beautiful, and she is, my Sister has shown me many things for which she may be unaware. She has given me the pride in being a brother. She has given me a place to go anytime where my welcome seemingly never ends. When we were kids, it was her room in our home, the place she gave me. Many afternoons suffering from boredom I would stop in to find her reading or doing something else that girls do, and it would lift me up. Maybe it was just the smells of beauty, the lavender, the perfume, whatever. Maybe it was one of her animals that surely would be close by ready to welcome me. Maybe it would just be her easy smile and a look that said "welcome" just you are. Maybe it was her old 45 rpm record player we would listen too singing songs that mentioned her name by long since forgotten artists, or at least little remembered except by us. Maybe it was just the knowing that I might be around when someone saw her and I could say, yep, that's my Little Sister. Or, it could have been all the color, the creative thing she always did with little material. Maybe it was just because that is the way it's supposed to be. Maybe it was just her and who she is.

Today, little has changed except for the distance I must travel to share her space again. It is still there, still colorful, good smelling, and full of love and life. She is a full grown work of Art and she gives me something to live up to. Even though I'm the big brother, she has the strength. I wish She was still just a few second stroll away up the stairs. Thanks to technology, She is just bit farther, 4 hours at 20,000 feet. I guess it is the trip that makes her seem sweeter than ever.

May you be blessed with a Sister as I have, and may you know the feeling that nothing can ever take away, love.

Thanks Sis! I Love you!


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