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Sales Manager for the Homeless!

Sales Manager for the Homeless

The best way I could give to those who must ask me for spare change is to teach them how to ask. Today as I left the post office a man walked down the sidewalk slowly in front of me coming my way. He was not having his best day. Our eyes met and I quickly broke eye contact because I am nearly penniless and don't have any change to give away and I knew he wanted to ask. He drew closer and I paused as I could feel it coming. it was his opening as soon I would be in the street and into my truck. His mouth slowly opened partway and in my head I'm saying "cmon, don't make me wait for it". I'm already reaching and do have a few quarters prepared to offer up. He edges towards me veering over on the sidewalk towards the road. His mouth opens still wider then closes and he passes. The air goes out of me as I wonder why he waited knowing what he wanted to do for so long.

So, now I'm in the street and have already gotten into the car. He turns and comes back rapping on my window. How pathetic, I think. The idea comes to me in an instant. Sales Training for street beggars. I have to lean over and roll down the window wondering why I am bothering. In a half mad voice he mutters " I don't suppose you would have anything you could give me" He yells. "no, I don't" the only seemingly fitting answer comes out. He jerks away writhing in disgust leaving me feeling like a turd as he walks away. I wondered if anyone would have ever bought a sofa, or a camera, or whatever from me or one of my guys with that approach. "Don't suppose you would want to give me some commission by buying something would ya? The answer would always be no. Now what if he would have timed it right and said this, "Sir, you could make my whole day by sharing a mere .50 cents" or, "Kind Sir, 50 cents is all I need to have a hot meal for tonight, can you help?" Who could refuse? Instead he gave me anxiety, shame, and guilt. He stole any good feeling I may have gained from the giving before I even had the chance.

I may go down in a day or so and start the classes, do you think I could get a commission on the cups of change?

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