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Who cares who is what, Gay or Straight, I don't!


For one, I don't quite get the big deal about straight or gay.

I am straight, a man who loves women. I have a neighbor who is a gay woman, well many. But this is my newest story. She is butch and it is obvious. After around two years of living across the street from each other and sharing niceties occasionally, watching each others homes, gathering mail, etc. She decided the other night in a nice conversation we were having to tell me she was gay. It was really weird, as if I would now scorn her and as if I would not know anyway.

I just don't get it. Who cares. It is none of my business.....

And furthermore.....what straight person is really nave enough to believe they are in the majority?????

What if Hetero is in the minority? What then.

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